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Express Detailing

Get your vehicle detailed while you wait!


Swing on by for a quick, but thorough cleaning of your most priced possession… your vehicle.  No appointment necessary!

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Detailing Packages

Interior & Exterior Detailing Packages. BOOK ONLINE!

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Car Classes

A) Compact Cars
B) Mid Size Cars / Small Pickups
C) Large Cars / Standard Suvs / Regular Cab Pickups
D) Full Size pickups / Full Size Suvs / Mini Van

pricing varies due to vehicle condition

Exterior Detail

  • Full service car wash
  • Clean rims & tires to remove stubborn brake dust
  • Nano skin paint to remove most surface contaminants
  • Remove road film
  • Polish vehicle to remove minor scratches and paint imperfections while restoring factory shine
  • Apply wax to enhance finish
  • Wax door jambs
  • Polish windows
  • Apply tire shine

Some vehicles may need extensive work to remove some scratches. Please enable us to properly assist you by bringing these out at inspection

Interior Detail

  • Ultimate Car Wash
  • Super vacuum interior/trunk
  • Steam clean and disinfect dashboard,door panels,center console,cup holders,vents
  • Shampoo,steam clean, and extract all carpets, cloth seats, and floor mats
  • Steam clean leather seats
  • Polish windows
  • Clean door/trunk jambs

Some vehicles may need extensive work to remove some scratches. Please enable us to properly assist you by bringing these out at inspection


We offer a full range of interior and exterior detailing packages.  Our website allows you to even secure a detailing appointment.  GIVE IT A TRY!

Joseph, Owner

Elite Detailing Services

In need of PERFECTION? Our Elite Detailing Service is for you.

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Are you in need of the perfect detailing job?  Want your car to look like it was when it first came off the assembly line?  Ever refer to your car as your “baby” and do you treat it as such?  If you answered yes to any of these of these questions, keep reading on.  Our Elite Detailing Services are just for you.


WARNING, these services are for the SERIOUS car lovers > > Prices Starting @ $299


Below is just a preview of what we do to make your car look and feel like it just came off the assembly line.

  • Wash vehicle
  • Clean and detail engine compartment
  • Clean wheel wells
  • Remove stubborn brake dust from wheels
  • Clean tires
  • Nano skin paint and glass to remove surface contaminants
  • 3 step buffing process
    1. Lightly compound paint to remove oxidation and some scratches
    2. Polish vehicle to remove hazing and restore shine
    3. Apply sealant/wax for maximum paint protection and gloss enhancement
  • Polish chrome
  • Polish glass
  • Treat exterior trim
  • Blow interior crevices with compressed air to remove stubborn dirt in tight areas
  • Super vacuum interior/trunk
  • Steam clean entire interior panels/carpets/seats
  • Condition all vinyl and leather

Prices Starting @ $299

Pricing based on vehicle size, condition, and extent of time needed to restore vehicle better than new.